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There’s some research to suggest that the cannabinoid receptor system in our brains acts as a way for us to “grease” the wheels of change. That is, it has adapted to help animals that have the system (most animals except insects and the like) to escape disruptive feedback loops caused by maladaptive behavior. This means if a wolf lineage somehow evolves to be solitary, there’s a chance that the cannabinoid receptor system can help a member of that lineage “correct” this behavior if it needs to quickly adapt to a changing environment. For an individual organism, that’s an extremely useful trait.

It makes me wonder what research on long-term cannabis use will reveal about how our relationship with it evolved.

How Offended Were YOU Today?

I mean, I found at least five things today I could be personally offended by. I only let myself be offended by two of them, because I don’t have the energy that some people seem to have to be offended by everything they see every day.

Maybe with practice, I can work on how offended I can be in a given day, and then graduate that offendedness to lashing out at the unsuspecting, whatever it is they’re doing. 

Today, I was offended by my neighbor’s dog, and the mailman. Tomorrow, I will try to be offended by science and grass.

The Fan Demands It

"Make another record like (x)!"

"Draw another picture like (x)!"

"Go back to what you did before, when you were good, and I liked it!"

"Why are you doing the same thing again? Don’t you want to grow as an artist?"

"Boring, more of the same."

"Why did you change what you were doing, I liked the old stuff!"

*artistic rage intensifies*

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