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The War of Sex

Between The Red Pill and Man Repellent, I think females and males have manipulative abuse for one another down to an exact science.

It’s like watching a war in third person as each side develops stronger, deadlier weapons to win a war they don’t realize they don’t have to fight and will never win anyway. Besides that, nobody remembers what the original conflict was about anyway (who gets to be on top), and it’s essentially a cultural tradition.

We can BOTH be on top, everyone. Both of us, together.


There’s some research to suggest that the cannabinoid receptor system in our brains acts as a way for us to “grease” the wheels of change. That is, it has adapted to help animals that have the system (most animals except insects and the like) to escape disruptive feedback loops caused by maladaptive behavior. This means if a wolf lineage somehow evolves to be solitary, there’s a chance that the cannabinoid receptor system can help a member of that lineage “correct” this behavior if it needs to quickly adapt to a changing environment. For an individual organism, that’s an extremely useful trait.

It makes me wonder what research on long-term cannabis use will reveal about how our relationship with it evolved.

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